Grade 7 & 8 Math
The purpose of this wiki is to provide Grade 7 & 8 Math teachers with support as they teach math through problem solving and 3-part Math lessons. It will provide a single-point access to Ministry resources that are relevant to teaching Grade 7 & 8 Math in Ontario (resources from the LNS, from EduGains,...).

This wiki also houses a collection of classroom-ready and curriculum-based questions/problems and organizes them according to the strands and expectations of the Ontario Grade 8 curriculum (and eventually Grade 7 too). These questions have been collected from past Grade 9 (Intermediate) EQAO assessments. Some questions may appear more than once because, depending on your learning goal, you could focus on another component of the problem. (i.e. a problem that calls on students to calculate the volume of a cylinders with decimal dimensions might appear in both the NSN - Operational Sense and the M - Measurement Relationships sections.) Complete assessment booklets along with related scoring guides are also provided here.

Introducing math games into an Intermediate classroom provides opportunities for students to work to improve their mental math strategies as well as build their procedural fluency with certain computations.

Finally, the wiki also collects links to other non-Ministry websites and resources that would support student learning in an Ontario Intermediate math classroom.